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round 4 ~ I LOVE CHICKS WHO SING info

you have extra time this round to cover the holidays and i figure if you change one thing, go for broke and change them all...woohhhoooooo

!! CLOSED !!

5 by 5 for New Years'

five songs
five icons
do it all five times

*with or without lyrics
*one whole set must be Xmas/Holiday/Hanuka/Kwanza themed
*use screenshots of an actual performance of each track, or images from the CD cover or photoshoot for that track

skylar0grace Buffy sang exactly 5 songs ;)

crop_crop_crop , Judy also sang 5 songs, and i listed her as Nurse Carla Espionsa because she sang as Carla not Judy

Participants for Round 4 are listed in the sign-ups post HERE.

Standard Instructions
1. Please make new icons for each round
2. All brushes and textures are allowed (unless specified), but no animation, please
3. Icons must be Livejournal compliant, i.e., under 40kb, 100x100px and either .png, .gif or .jpg
4. Post your complete set at your own journal using the table below, and make sure your post is public
5. Submit your entry to this community showing 3 teaser icons and linking back to your complete set

Round Instructions
6. SUBJECT line should read: “Round 4 - [chick's name]”
7. TAGS to use: “round 4, subject: [chick's name], user: [your name]”
8. Icons are due 21 JANUARY 2010 (we will go back to the normal timetable in February)

1 copy & paste into the html section of a new post on your journal
2 replace [song name] which each separate song title
3 replace “URL” with the full http link to the corresponding icon

Questions? Problems? Did I mess something up? Let me know.

If you can’t see “Post to this community” in the navigation bar, let me know and I’ll flick the switch

HAVE FUN - show us what you love and how you love them :)
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