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i love 20in20

for those who love to make icons of what they love

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a multifandom 20in20 icon community


Welcome to ilove20in20, the icon challenge community where all that you love comes together. If you love making icons and love a variety of celebrities, tv shows, movies or musicians, this is the place for you! Every month we will provide a broad subject matter for that round, and you can choose to make icons for anyone who fits it.

For example, the 1st Round subject will be "I LOVE BLONDES". You can choose to make icons for anyone who is blonde - born blonde, bleached blonde, blonde for a movie roll, or blonde only for 1 year, whether it be Bon Jovi in his later years, Katherine Heigl as Izzy Stevens in Grey's Anatomy (but not Katherine Heigl in Killers because she was brunette in that), or that hot dude from Lost with the stubble, even Peeta from The Hunger Games books with your own actor/model potraying him - anyone is fair game. Or, you can be ambiguous and choose the movie Legally Blonde, or the band 4 Non Blondes and make icons of anyone in that movie or band, even if they aren't blonde...your round cue will be a single word which you can interpret in whatever creative way you like.

Questions? Suggestions? PM the maintainers - we are just normal girly girls from Australia who met on LJ. If you want something changed or added, chances are it will be :)


- you will have 20 days to make 20 icons, made up of 10 specific themes, 5 of a specific category, and 5 of your own choice
- please make new icons for each round - do not update old icons and do not claim other people's work as your own
- all icons must adhere to LJ standards: no larger than 40kb and 100x100px, in png/.gif/.jpg format [for quality assurance we recommend you use PNG, and either use your LJ scrapbook or Photobucket for image hosting]
- no animated icons, please

- if you would like to select the same subject two months in a row, you may do so only if no one else has selected them by the end of the allotted sign-up time

- you must be a member to post, and you must have already chosen your subject in each round's sign-up post
- post your completed 20 icons on your own journal or community using the table provided for each round
- please make sure your entry posts are public
- make a new post on ilove20in20 showing 3 preview icons with a link to your complete entry

- anyone can vote!
- please keep your voting fair, and remember, it IS obvious when you are voting for your favourite celebrities or users :) …any unfair votes will be invalidated


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30stm20in20 abrams20in20 actors20in20
actress_20in20 agreene20in20 anime20in20
austen20in20 awarded20in20 bamf20in20
bandom20in20 brunette20in20 celebs20in20
chaotic20in20 character20n20 childhood20in20
chuck20in20 costume20in20 dianna20in20
doctormars2020 dobrev_stills dramedy20in20
ederavin20in20 episode20in20 every20in20
fandom20in20 female20in20 femme20in20
ff20in20 film20in20 free20in20
gaga20in20 garterton20in20 gleecast20in20
greyscast20in20 guesswho20in20 guys20in20
hbic20in20 iansomer20in20 lgraham20in20
lotr20in20 margh20in20 model20in20
movie20in20 musicians20in20 musicvid20in20
ndobrev20in20 op20in20 percy20in20
pirates20in20 psych20in20 rathbone20in20
rizz_isles20n20 ridethekick_ic robsten20in20
rpattz20in20 sanctuary20in20 shipper20in20
slash20in20 sprntrl20in20 stargate20in20
swift20in20 theme20in20 toho20in20
tvdcast20in20 twi20in20 twicast20in20
vampires20in20 versus20in20 vg20in20
vintage20in20 yourchoice20n20 walsh20in20

profile: refuted | layout: velvetb0x | mood theme: ponchogoblins


if any of your photographs, resources, or artwork have been used on ilove20in20, thank you, and please PM a maintainer for credit

- Comm banner #2, background image c/- www.flickr.com/photos/batabidd/
- Round 1 banner, photograph c/- www.gageyoung.com
- Round 4 banner, photograph @ www.flickr.com/photos/bobsphotographynl/5182526854/